Online course guidance

Whilst we work remotely, The Wellbeing College will be using the online platform Zoom to deliver courses to you online.

Before you join a course using Zoom, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with it before joining.

Zoom will work on most devices; however, the functionality will differ slightly depending on whether you are using a phone, tablet or laptop.

We encourage you to download the app or visit the webpage. If you can, have a go at using it before you join.

You can download Zoom here: Zoom


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Top Tips

For the purposes of anonymity as far as possible, when you join the meeting, please join using your first name and the initial of your surname e.g. Jo B.

Check out your internet signal – is it strong where you plan to sit? If not, can you sit closer to your router? If you are using your mobile data, make sure that you have enough and that your signal strength is strong.

If you’re on a mobile or tablet, try and place the device on a table so that your arms are free from holding the device.

Don’t forget to have a charger nearby or have your device plugged in whilst attending, this way you won’t have to worry about running out of charge.

Sit somewhere that you find comfortable. Although we will encourage movement and breaks it’s good if you are comfortable in your space.

Find a space on your own – this is important for confidentiality but also so that you feel safe to share your thoughts.

Try and sit with the light of a window facing you, if you can, so that your video image is clear.

Zoom Guidance

When you join the meeting, you will be placed in a waiting room, the course tutor will then admit you to the group.

During the call, we encourage you to mute yourself when you are not speaking as this will cut down on any background noise (e.g. telephones, washing machines etc) in the call and make it easier for everybody to hear each other. When you want to speak – you can simply unmute yourself.

If you are joining the session by calling in using the call feature within Zoom opposed to joining via an internet enabled device please let the College know in advance so that we can facilitate this appropriately.

You may need to mute yourself if you choose to join in this way as it is common for calls into Zoom to generate a little interference noise depending on your call connection. If this does occur we may suggest that you hang up and call back into the meeting to try and reduce this.

If you are finding your signal strength is not good and you’re struggling to hear others in the call, you can turn off your video – this will hopefully improve your connection.

There is a chat function in Zoom which you can make use of – this allows you to send comments to the Tutors throughout the session – these will be answered during discussion sections of the session.

If you don’t want to post your question in the chat box and don’t want to interrupt the tutor whilst they are speaking, you can raise your hand using the raise hand button options and they will be able to respond at an appropriate time.

Please be mindful of your language and avoid swearing during the sessions.

At points we might also ask you to wave to say you’re okay or to raise your hand if you have a question – you can select these options in the reactions section on your menu bar at the bottom of the call.


Although we are joining this course from our own homes, we are still responsible for ensuring the space we create during the course remains as confidential as possible. Therefore, we ask that nothing discussed in this space is shared out-with the space and that you try to find a location to join where you are on your own.

Please be mindful if you are attending multiple courses that you do not discuss what happened or who attended in one course at another course, even if you recognise someone else is attending both.

We ask that you consider this with care and make sure you are in a space where you are unlikely to be interrupted or distracted by other members of your household.

During our courses it is common practice for our Tutors to take the occasional note for things to think about for future delivery or evaluation. Please don't be alarmed if you notice them doing this. They will not capture any of your personal information in their notes. 


Recording of these meetings is not permitted. Please do not do this.

Personal Tutors will only admit students they are expecting to the Zoom meeting.

The Zoom meeting will be locked after 15 minutes meaning that no-one else can join so it’s important you join on time.

If you need to, you can swich off your video and mute yourself at any time.

If you wish to have your video off throughout the session – please do interact using the reaction buttons within Zoom and the chatbox so that the tutors know you are doing okay.

We ask that you let us know if at any point you begin to feel unsafe or have concerns - you can do this verbally to the whole group, or by sending a message in the chat box to the Personal Tutor.

If you notice that another student appears distressed or upset during the course and you are worried about them. Rather than alerting the whole group, type a message into the chat box and send this to the Personal Tutor, the Personal Tutor will acknowledge they have seen your message and will then explore your concerns with student privately.

If you need to leave a session before the end, please try and let us know before you do, either verbally or using the chat box.


We acknowledge that attending things online feels different, however, we ask that you try to treat this course with the same level of importance as you would if this were run in person.

For courses run over multiple weeks, we realise you might not manage to attend all of the sessions. Please try to let us know if you are unable to attend a session.

We welcome you to decide if you feel the course is for you once you have attended the first session with us.

If you can, try to find a space, which is free from distraction.

If you need to take a call or answer the door etc during a course, we ask that you turn off your video and mute yourself during this.


Prior to attending the course online you will be asked to let the College team know if you have any medical conditions that the Tutors should be made aware of and to provide the address that you are attending the course from. You will also be asked to share if you have an emergency contact you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency during the course. You do not have to provide us with this information, however, in doing so, we will be able to respond to the emergency situation more easily, for example, by knowing where you are, we will able to direct the appropriate support to you.

If a member of the course takes unwell during a session or another emergency situation arises (e.g. a fire), the following will occur:

One of the College Tutors will turn off the video of the person who has taken unwell and move them into a breakout room within Zoom.

They will then support the person to access the appropriate support. This may include:

Contacting an emergency contact
Calling an ambulance or other emergency service
Waiting with the person in the call until support has arrived or the person feels able to leave the call themselves

The remainder of the group will stay online with the other tutor – the group will then agree together to leave the session once they feel safe. A future date will be sent to cover any course material missed.